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The founders of CloudPlanet have been involved in, and actively promoting ‘cloud computing’ since before the term was officially coined in the early 2000’s. We learned early on that providing integrated digital services and the documentation, training and support necessary to leverage the value of those services is mission critical to ensuring the success of our clients.

Over the years, the digital services provided though our various business concerns have played a major role in liberating thousands of organisations across the globe, starting with on-site, hybrid implementations and later moving to totally cloud-based infrastructure solutions as the technology behind the Cloud continued to grow.

This depth of experience in both the digital and physical realms has garnered us a firm understanding of what types of infrastructure a given organisation needs to succeed. Because of this, all our solutions are tailor-made for specific business or organisation types and through our in-depth discovery process, we are able to identify and deliver the absolute best mix of solutions for any given situation.

Digtal is in our DNA

Our founders built their first website in 1995, coincidentally the very same year the Web was launched. Even then we understood the importance of digital and began our journey to bring the digital and physical worlds together.

Moving through the early 2000’s, we created one of the largest networks of Student Publication sites in the States, running a sizeable percentage of the total traffic on the Internet at the time through our state-of-the-art datacentre.

With the advent and eventual massive uptake of Cloud technologies, we continued our journey by bringing these evolving technologies to small-to-medium sized businesses and organisations while developing a comprehensive set of training regimes to ensure our clients made the most of the services we were providing.

Committed to social

Our introduction to the world of Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) began in the very early 2000’s with the culmination of irresponsible investing which eventually led to the collapse. During this time, our main founder Todd Harrison was sequestered in California purchasing competitors who one day were worth millions and the next virtually worthless.

It was here that the flaws in the Friedman model of economics so prevalent at the time became glaringly obvious. Employees were being treated poorly, clientele were routinely being overcharged and underserved and business in general was taking a turn, in our opinion, for the worse.

We decided then and there to be different. We founded our first Social Enterprise in 2004 and continued throughout the intervening years to devote thousands of hours of pro bono work to those business and organisations most in need.

Bringing these two together then, CloudPlanet continually strives to bring the best in digital Cloud technologies to those who need them most while dedicating ourselves to fair and ethical treatment of others throughout the entirety of our business interactions.

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