Working together for social good
We're not only experts in the cloud, we all also have a very strong sense of social purpose and responsibility.

toddHarrisonSpeakingManaging Director and Founder Todd Harrison speaking at the Aurora Waterway Business Showcase, highlighting the need to support local business in the community.eComplete is founded on a principle of empowering private and third sector organisations adopt a more sustainable and resilient approach to practice while simultaneously increasing their efficiency and lowering their carbon footprint through the adoption of digital technologies.

Our company is based around a core group of individuals who share much of the ethical framework in which Managing Director and founder Todd Harrison has honed over a 20-year career in executive level business development and logistics implementation. These principles include responsible and reflective practice, a thirst for continuing education throughout the life course for all individuals irrespective of circumstance and a strong commitment to ethical treatment of others at all levels of interaction; business, social or otherwise.

Building on these principles, our goal then is to advance sustainable and responsible practice in local communities by utilising and promoting digitally green technologies throughout the business and third sectors, and to do so at a price point that is both realistic and achievable.

As a company, we fully understand that impacting these sectors in their entirety is beyond the scope of our reach. As individuals however, we all share the same feeling of responsibility towards our society and our environment which feeds our desire to affect change where and when we see unsustainable, exclusionary and irresponsible practice.

Keeping to that mission, our vision is to not only see, but be active participants in a paradigm shift in the way individuals and organisations approach doing business, primarily by advocating a departure from the Friedman model which focuses on profit maximisation for the shareholders at the expense of all else. Our vision is to see organisations large and small making a voluntary commitment to sustainability and responsible practice that goes well beyond the letter of the law. Our vision is to see the deployment of community development and engagement projects which extend that sense of civic responsibility to the individual, bringing things full circle; businesses supporting individuals and individuals supporting business while everyone supports the environment in which we’re making all this happen.