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Security & Backup Managed Service Plans

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 It seems every few days some new virus, trojan or scam is making the rounds on the email or social media circuits.

Protecting precious business data is more than a one-app job. To be effective, a suite of tools is necessary to ensure your data is kept both clean and incrementally backed up should anything untoward happen.

Our Cloud Security & Backup plans ensure that you get the protection you need at a price you can afford, with a number of variations to fit most businesses and enterprise quotations available upon request.

Understanding the plans

All Security & Backup plans feature multiple seats of Acronis Cloud Backup and BitDefender Gravityzone. The Stratus plan also includes full documentation and limited integration with on-site and 3rd party services.

The Security & Backup Cumulus plan introduces a larger backup quota and brings individualised training features into the mix. Keep your staff up to date and productive with free webinars and unlimited phone support while participating in a community of your peers using the same Cloud solutions.

And finally, our Starter Cirrus plan offers enhanced analytics, even more Cloud backup storage, professional one-to-one training for you and your staff plus 24/7 emergency support.

What to expect

Irrespective of which plan you decide is right for your organisation, you can rest assured that you’ll receive constant and considered care, as we understand that business doesn’t always happen between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00.

Our Community Support pages are populated by people just like you, working all available hours getting to grips with a world of ever-changing technical products and services. Chances are that someone has run into a similar issue.

Our Ticket System, Live Chat and Phone support are all staffed by folks who will not only take the time to get acquainted with you and your organisation, will always strive to answer any questions you might have to the best of their ability.

Let us help protect your data and machines

Security & Backup Managed Cloud Service Plans

Each day thousands of business computers are infected with viruses and trojans, and a large percentage of these aren't backed up. Don't put your business at risk. Grab one of our Security & Backup plans today!

  • Stratus
  • £43/mo
  • £27 Setup
  • 1 Seat Stratus Backup
  • 1 Seat BitDefender GravityZone
  • 1 Seat Stratus Email Security
  • 1 Seat Stratus Support
  • 1 Seat Stratus Integration

  • Cumulus
  • £83/mo
  • £32 Setup
  • 3 Seats Culumus Backup
  • 3 Seats BitDefender GravityZone
  • 3 Seat Cumulus Email Security
  • 3 Seats Cumulus Support
  • 2 Seat Cumulus Integration

  • Cirrus
  • £228/mo
  • £76 Setup
  • 5 Seats Cirrus Backup
  • 5 Seats BitDefender GravityZone
  • 5 Seats Cirrus Email Security
  • 5 Seats Cirrus Support
  • 3 Seat Cirrus Integration

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