Filtering and Archiving for Hosted Exchange

Cirius Email Security

Let us show you how good life in the Cloud can be

Secure Email Messaging provides an Email Encryption feature so that you can send, receive and track secure corporate messages and attachments using any existing email address or platform. With Secure Email Messaging you'll also benefit from an advance message control and a delivery slip feauture, the ability to send secure large files up to 5GBs quickly and know in real time when and how information was received.

Quick & easy to set-up

There's no complex installation required, it takes minutes to set-up and is fully functional on mobile devices. In addition Secure Email Messaging's robust feature set enables real-time message tracking and control, large file transfers, secure e-signature validation, and regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities.

Anti-Spam security

Email Security anti-spam technology goes deep... 90 layers deep, in fact. Using sophisticated investigation techniques including both content and reputation-based scanning you get outstanding results.

Secure archiving

The Email Security archiving service ensures secure long-term storage of your business emails in geographically diverse datacentres. Efficient self-search-and-recover capabilities means quick access to any emails required.

Processed in the cloud

Email Security is secure email management that works in the cloud - email threats are removed at the Internet-level, away from your network. Maximum security, minimum investment of resources. It's how smart businesses manage email.

Keep your mission-critical email safe, secure and spam-free

Email Security takes protecting your email to the next level

With our Email Security you can be safe in the knowledge that you'll never lose any essential email traffic. Our Email Security also provides an AntiSpam and AntiVirus service, which blocks over 99% of all Spam.


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